Preparing Your Property For Photographs

Space sells, and the ‘money shots’ need to be just that. Please follow this simple checklist of prompts, which should help us jointly achieve a successful outcome to the forth-coming photo shoot.

In advance;

  1. Tidy away as much clutter as possible (including from work tops, on the dining room table, study paperwork, in the bathrooms etc.).
  2. If possible, have your windows cleaned inside and out, they will let more light in, and dirty windows may show up within the images.
  3. Replace any blown light bulbs/spots etc. If you are having 360-degree images taken as part of your shoot, the photographs are pretty revealing!.
  4. Maybe add a splash of colour with some flowers.
  5. Hide away from view any pet beds, bowls and related paraphernalia.
  6. Don’t forget the outside spaces. If possible mow the lawn, even if it’s just a top cut. Gardens can easily become dumping grounds, so utilise your garage or shed to stow away unsightly items.
  7. Remove personal photos, if possible but not wall hung pictures.

On the day;

  1. Make and straighten all beds.
  2. Review each room for discarded clothes or items that require stowing away.
  3. Hide your wheelie bins.
  4. Turn on all lights and lamps within the property, including cooker hoods, under cabinet lights etc.
  5. Clear the driveway of vehicles.