PROPERTY PHOTO SOLUTIONS provide professional photographic media to the property industry including; Estate agents, Letting agents, Commercial agents, Auctioneers, Developers and Private clients. Also encompassing Retail, Tourism and the Service industry.

Interior and Exterior

High quality photography enhances perception of a property, and this in turn could impact upon the speed of sale and most importantly the price paid.

Professional photography provides businesses with significant competitive advantage, and if used consistently, can create and reinforce a premium brand.

We use full frame cameras, premium optics and portable lighting for all of our media, ensuring impressive results, from every shoot.


Exterior images are as important as the interior ‘money shots’, and twenty feet of elevation can significantly change the perspective and impact of an exterior property photograph.

  1. A little elevation can reveal, in a single image, hidden features such as extensions, woodland, farmland or stunning views behind the building.
  2. Elevation can overcome a restricted view at ground level (trees, hedge or other obstacle in the way).
  3. An elevated image can set the subject property apart from its competitors, through a unique and more flattering view point.

We provide elevated images, at no additional cost.

360 Degree Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours provide an amazing and unique insight, allowing potential buyers to rotate 360 degrees around a room (or outside space), and then move from room to room, via ‘links’.

A journey around a property, with complete user control.

More versatile than a film video, our virtual tours are shot with DSLR’s, high quality optics and portable lighting for optimal quality.

Hosting is FREE of charge, and tours are delivered with corporate identity and link or embed code for flexible usage.

Slideshow Video Tours

Our slideshow videos are captivating and informative.

They are created using professionally shot still images with a little added motion to hold the viewers attention, and include most rooms within a property, and the outside spaces.

Corporate identity, animations, videos clips, hot spot info’ and music can be added creating a brief, but engaging guided journey.

Ideal for social media, key websites and other promotions.